Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Successful Show Opening

Several hundred people attended the Fourth Annual Photo Show for Wing Young Huie's photo salon Saturday night.  Eighteen artists showed their work, ranging from portraits, macro images, travel photography, streetscapes, and experimental work.  The mixture of styles and approaches was refreshing, and everyone seemed to enjoy the art, refreshments, conversation, and fellowship.  

I displayed two photos exploring the theme of layered reality (looking through a scene into another, reflections, etc.).  I'm intrigued by this idea because of the inherent ambiguity it can introduce and the juxtaposition of things that can be jarring or unusual.  The two photos are the Jensen showroom and Europa Cafe images shown in the Denmark posting below.

Eighteen individual artists showed their work at the Salon show this year.

Wing's studio is known as the Third Place Gallery in Minneapolis.

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